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More than 1,000 different plant species represents one of the richest alpine plant diversity in Europe.
The mythical Triglav flower is also mentioned in the folk tale of Zlatorog. On higher
mountain are growing wild orchids, Edelweiss, Zois bellflower, Aquilegia bertolonii, Triglav clusii, Eritrichum nanum, on lower terrain Rhododendron hirsutum, lady’s-slipper orchid, Iris cengialti and more. In spring the meadows of Arnica and Bellflower are colouring the valleys and to mention the wetlands around the lake, reeds in Ukanc and peat bogs on Pokljuka.

At the top of Črna prst in early summer the meadows are a real Botanical Garden (Carniolan lilies, Alpine eryngium, Hairy Rhododendron, Orchidaceae …) and a wide, open view of the Julian Alps.
On Vogel you can see primeval forest Lopata interwoven with moss-grows and mainly with beech, spruce, larch and dwarf pine.
Every year end of May the International Wild Flower Festival is held.

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Along with the rich flora are also typical species of animals like the Alpine ibex, chamois, golden eagle. In dry summer days you may notice in highlands the viper and near the lake not-poison grass snake. When not populated, you can spot deer, capital deer, dormouse, foxes, mountain hares, weasels, badgers, martens. Otters and wild grouse (Ruševec) are among the most endangered species; very rare are brown bear, lynx and wildcats. On Vogel you can see anthills, on blossoming meadows the protected mountain Apolon, the giant Carabidae, Triglav ˝Brownie˝ and the alpine Beetle. Please capture the plants and animals only photographic or in memory, and do not disturb the animals.