Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The four elements that shape activities in Bohinj

Camp Bohinj is located in Triglav National Park. For this reason it offers a perfect starting point for countless adventures offered by the four elements in the surrounding area. Activities in Bohinj are many to choose from. Nature has plenty to give to adventurers and those who are looking for a place where time slows down. This gives an opportunity to relax and enjoy the tranquillity. Here in Camp Bohinj, you will be welcomed by friendly staff, who are always around to help you out with needed information or advice. Bellow you can choose from countless activities. You will soon learn, that this truly is a magical place.

Earth offers grounding, exploration of depths or heights. Keep your feet firmly on the ground when you go hiking. Or explore the underworld. Put your harnes on and climb up high. But whatever you do, make sure you cherish what earth has to offer.

Water is an element that provides sustenance. It is one thing Bohinj has in abundance. Go for a leisurely swim, hop on a SUP, raft down Sava Bohinjka or explore one of the canyons. Treasure the memories you make in splashing water.

Air is an element we can not live without. If you ever wondered what it is like to just hang in the air, try paragliding. If that is not for you, hop on a zipline or a gondola. Enjoy the fresh air in Bohinj. Breathe in, breath out and repeat.

Fire is by far the hottest element of them all. It helps us cook delicious food. Hop on Bohinj cuisine train and take your taste buds on culinary ride. Savour all the deliciousness Bohinj has to give.

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